The Project
Iqon Business Charger / 2017
EVBox Iqon is the award-winning commercial AC charger designed with a seamless user experience in mind. It’s a perfect fit for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging with that premium look and feel. 
The Challenge
Creating a fully 3D animated video featuring the completely new concept charger to be presented at the biggest home electronics fair in the world: 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Storyboarding - ArtBinary
Creative Direction - ArtBinary
Art Direction - ArtBinary
Copywriting - ArtBinary

3D Animation - Yan Studio
Sound Design - Artbinary
Editing - Artbinary
Ev Box business charger reveal trailer. CES 2018 automotive, futuristic, 3d, yan, levo
EV Box Business Charger US logo reveal, light, ces2018, cgi, commercial
EV Box Level 2 charger exploded view, components, cables, electric box, cgi, automotive, solar pannels
EV Box electricity box detail shot, Software screen, exploded view, mechanical parts, yan studio, 3d render romania
Ev Box Charger wall mount feature easy to maintain, product video launch
NFC Wireless phone payment. Apple pay, credit card, software, mockup, iPhone X
Charging Tesla model 3 with EV box business charger level 2. Solar pannel parking, xparticles, render octane, Nvidia, Parking lot, USA
Up to 20 ev box chargers in one parking lot. 3D cars, automotive, cgi, 4k, animation, tvc, yan, sibiu, romania
Birds View Solar panels energy, cgi, render, parking
Ev Box hero shot final frame- animation rendering services

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