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About the course:
In this tutorial you will learn all the steps necessary to create the effect shown in the promo video from start to finish using Houdini, Redshift and Blackmagic Fusion with ACES color space.
You will be able to create completely different effects using the techniques from this tutorial that can be applied in commercial or personal projects

We will cover topics such as:
ACES Workflow in Houdini and Redshift, creating a spread (infection) effect,  adding age ramps to spreading points, animating primitives color, displacement, rotation and opacity driven by the spread solver, creating procedural "scan lines" effect, transferring spreading to VDB growth, creating attributes driven shaders in Redshift, HDRi and Area lighting, camera and animated focus rig, Redshift AOV's and render optimisations, compositing render passes in Fusion, apply color corrections based on masks.

What you will get:
1. 15 Recorded video files with voice over in English explaining all the steps;
2. Houdini FX .hip source file (works with Houdini 18 or earlier);
3. HDRI image & 2 Textures (roughness & emission);

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