This page contains various look development tests from upcoming projects
Shockwave Advection
Particles Abstract Growth
3d adrtist, particles, houdini, growth, visual fx, cgi, yan, romania, sibiu, redshift, advertising, abstract, art, depth of fiels, light, macro, flower, ideas, creative
Growth Structure
Vellum Cloth
Procedural Water Drops
Procedural City
Velocity Fields
Sci-Fi Volumetrics
Volumetrics Sci-fi render, abstract, 3d artist, advertising, romania, redshift, cgi, randari
Hard Surface Modeling
Fusion 360 CAD Hard Surface Mechanical Model, 3D, CGI render, fire volume, metallic
X Particles - Body Trails
TurbulenceFD Simulation
Realflow Motion Blur Simulation
C4D Voronoi Fracture
Pawn Fracture Emission
Slow Motion Water Simulation
Gold and Silver Liquid Simulation
Realflow Experiment
Earbud + Ballon Turntable
Fire Simulation
Light Bulb + HDRI
iPhone 6s Turntable
Ferro-Folgamma Animation Proposal
StumbleUpon T-Shirt Preview
Radu Nechifor Logo Proposal
Cellular Illustration
Pan Flute Clay Render